This is a page dedicated sort of as a memorial to potential NMBs from decades ago who only briefly or possibly never even saw the light of day. These are the ones that many people likely have never heard of or learned much about, but they still existed at one time. Wikipedia doesn't have much information on them. Searching for the molecule online may leave you empty handed aside from the occasional journal or lab report from way back in the 1950's or so (or sometimes later). I'm compiling a list of these little-known or forgotten NMBs here.

This page goes out to you:

  • Dipyrandium
  • Duador
  • Diadonium
  • Dacuronium (most likely named because it is a type of desacetyl pancuronium)
  • Anatruxonium (truxipicurium iodide)
  • Hexafluronium
  • Brevatonal
  • Prestonal (diohexadecanium bromide)
  • Mediatonal (anethocurarium diiodide)
  • Imbretil
  • Tercuronium
  • Ritebronium