Fazadinium molecule


This thing has an awesome name in my opinion. Fazadinium bromide (also called dazopironium) is a medium duration nondepolarizing neuromuscular blocking agent with a unique structure. I'm actually not sure about the "medium" duration part because that's just what wikipedia says, and wikipedia is often WRONG about things. However, according to this book on page 200, (official citations at the bottom of the page to come later) fazadinium has been both claimed to be of short duration and has also been shown to be of long duration. So, it varies. It also isn't used because of vagolytic effects a.k.a. speeding up the heart.

Also, this, like cisatracurium, is another molecule that has a very nice 3-d structure. Sadly, I cannot find any free direct internet link, but if you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download a free app called "molecules." It's the one with the DNA molecule against the black background. Search fazadinium, and although it's a small molecule, it has beautiful symmetry.
Fazadinium 3d

Preview of the 3d molecular structure of fazadinium